Useful tips to cool off summer with cool green space

Hot summer is coming, do you want to cool down the summer heat by changing and refreshing your living space? But are you still confused and wondering where to start? Read this article right away because just a few small changes in the living space will help dispel the heat in the house effectively.


Extended roof design

A gorgoeus home will depend on the architecture and design, but a fresh home will depend a lot on the materials and the coverage of the eaves. Consequently, to complete a beautiful home or a beautiful harmonious project, the porch is essential. As summer gets warmer, the open roof design can keep the interior space cool, while creating an equally shaded outdoor seating area. Moreover, it is also a safe place to play with the weather for children.




Green roof ideas

Amongst the methods of "greening" architectural works, perhaps greening the roof with vegetation is a revolutionary trend both aesthetic and functional. Take advantage of the empty space on the roof and balcony to plant trees to bring harmony with nature and contribute to environmental protection. Green roof ideas also help insulate and keep your home cool this summer.




Combined ventilation system with artificial lake.

One of the ways to make the space greener this summer is to combine the ventilation system with an artificial lake. Pushing out and bringing new air in, the constant exchange of airflow will make your house not secretive and stuffy. The cross-ventilation system and the indoor artificial lake will bring a space full of relaxation and freshness.




Small yard with green trees and lake

Every morning when we wake up or after a working day, a space chill enough for us to reflect on ourselves is a wonderful thing. What's more wonderful is that we don't have to go far but can relax right in our own house when there is a small yard with green trees and a lake. Looking at nature will help our souls to be irrigated, charged and colder.




Wooden floor combined with curtains

Laminate flooring is the most popular material in recent architectural designs because it has many features to bring to consumers. As the summer approaches, the weather becomes more and more severe, the wooden floor is the favorite choice of consumers because it has the ability to regulate the air and bring a feeling of refreshment. Combined with the curtain will help the house avoid direct sunlight and harmonize the colors in the house.




Use a summer colour palette.

The fresh, gentle colours will help you feel more refreshed this summer. The colours in the room have a great impact on our selves. The use of a summer colour palette will set the room apart. The colour-changing dots in the interior help you complete the summer palette right in your own room.



Cool with white colour

White is always the most "favourable" colour when chosen as the main colour tone in most people's living spaces. When using white colours, even if the space is small, it still makes us feel more spacious, creating ventilation and bringing a delicate beauty to the room. Besides, it also cools down in hot summer.




Skylight - Cool space is greener

Skylights - a fresh place is even greener if we know how to enjoy it. Skylights are only suitable for aesthetic standards but also play a role in helping to keep cool and take advantage of natural light by taking in the wind and natural light from the skylight. Helps maintain the air in the house always conditioned, bringing ventilation home.



And besides the unique and novel variation ideas, the core of space is also a top concern. For quality space at home, there are a few things to keep in mind:

- Should plan and ideas for specific greenspaces before construction.

- Optimizing green space to harmonize with the overall design.

- Should not plant too many ornamentals, but should be a delicate and harmonious choice.

As the greenhouse effect becomes stronger and stronger, the summer weather becomes more and more severe. Creating green spaces not only reduces the heat of summer but also brings many benefits and values ​​for the family and society.


If you need to transform your living space this summer, contact us immediately to create a fresh and conditioned space for your living space!


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