Ideas for your child bedroom

As parents, we always want to give all the best to our children, and hope that they have good health physically and mentally during growing up and maturation. Letting they have their own private space at the early stage allows them to get to know themselves, develop their critical thinking and improve their personality holistically. Therefore, the idea of designing a bedroom for children is one of the top concerns of parents when starting to build a home for their family.


The criterion of a separate bedroom for children not only needs to be beautiful but also needs to help children create and train in tidiness and independence. Parents should design the child's bedroom to provide a space where the child can be himself, have fun, and develop independently within the space he dreams of.



We cannot deny the importance of the colour factor for children's bedroom design. Bright, eye-catching bedroom paint colours combined with vivid patterns that directly impact children's vision will help them love the space. For the boy's bedroom design, you can decorate the room with colours such as blue, red, green, or grey. You can also add stickers or drawings of superheroes. These were also interesting choices for the boy's room. If the child was a little older, the parents could also place extra bedside tables and bookshelves in the room. This way, they will have more space to store their belongings. Another point is that boys tend to like running and jumping and tend to be more active compared to girls. Therefore, parents should not let the bed be too high to prevent the child from falling. Or an extra floor covering can be used to both limit injuries from falling and decorate the room.



If you want your child’s room to be more fun and interesting, you can use wall decorations such as toys, or objects in the shape of animals, or cartoon characters... to help your child relax and enjoy his room more. To facilitate living as well as stimulate and promote the development of children, the children's bedroom design should integrate many spaces including rest areas, study areas and entertainment areas so that they can enjoy activities while learning and playing. This is also a way to show the love of parents towards their children. 



In addition to aesthetic factors, you should also be aware of some of the following important considerations to ensure the child is most comfortable and safe in the absence of an adult’s supervision.

1. Ensure sufficient natural light for your baby

A child’s vision is very sensitive so make sure the room has enough natural light. Use a table lamp with sufficient power and appropriate light colours (white, yellow... ) for your child. The decorative flashing lights are eye-catching but not child-safe.



Arrange the position of the window reasonably to take full advantage of the natural light. An ideal window for your baby's bedroom should be at a distance of 1m-1m2 from the floor. This is the right height for also adult bedrooms to ensure privacy and avoid unfortunate accidents. If your family is staying in the apartment, be equipped with a steel cover grill for safety. In addition to the proper location, the window size should be large enough for children to get natural sunlight, and breathe fresh air every morning. On hot weather days, curtains are both handy and beautiful for every bedroom.





2. Choosing the right bed

According to scientific studies, colour paints used in interior decoration may cause allergies to the skin or air when experiencing special conditions such as humidity or high temperature. A proper bed just needs light colours and a soft mattress, the child will rest assured to sleep well until morning. In addition, the height of the bed should also be 40-50cm and there should be no low undercarriage because it is difficult to clean, easily create dirt and spread it in the air.






3. Furniture materials

Heavy or uncertain materials are very likely to cause accidents in children. Currently, wood is the most commonly used material due to its economical cost, easy to process and quite lightweight. Furniture designs also need to minimise sharp corners or inappropriate heights. Children need to have their small desks and chair set or bookcases to be more aware of protecting and caring for their own bedroom.




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