7+ Interior design trends in 2023 – Did you know?


Interior design does not have standard, design trends are always changing and evolving. Therefore, the interior design of 2023 is also raised to a new level, combined with novel features such as motion, virtual reality, and 3D,... to create a flexible, comfortable, and inspiring space, excited. Besides, the materials are sustainable and stand the test of time. Take a look at some of the styles below:


Curves appear constantly

We often see straight lines, and planes appear very commonly in designs. However, to make use of space and create softness, the curves in the design appear more and more. The application of curves to interior design has removed the old, boring stereotypes and replaced them with movement, creativity, and art.




Use sustainable furniture

Environmental sustainability is not just for food, and fashion, but for furniture, which is becoming more and more popular. Sustainable interior design is now more important than ever, and brands and designers are also united in producing and consuming products that are better for the environment..

The reality shows that natural wood resources are gradually being exhausted, and using industrial wood becomes an environmentally responsible direction. With the modern development of current technology, industrial wood is becoming more and more perfect when it is both anti-warping and anti-termite, diverse colors. In addition to wood, there are also a number of brands such as paints, accessories, etc., which meet the requirements of standards of environmental friendliness, energy saving, and safety requirements for users.



Bringing nature into living space

When the walls are increasingly visible with the influence of the greenhouse effect, the introduction of nature into the living space is concerned with the current architectural design process. Bring nature in the living place by bringing trees, and green walls, using glass bricks, using primitive but equally luxurious stone materials.

From that, it can be seen that nature plays an important role in today's life and the trend of "green design" is becoming more and more popular in villas. Bringing nature into the living space will help the living environment become fresh, create a comfortable feeling as well as bring positive energy into the house.



Multi-layer lighting

Light is one of the main features of the architecture. Any building needs to be arranged with light to create a beautiful and artistic space. And sunlight is the most beautiful and naturally available light. However, not all areas of the building can fully utilize that natural light. Therefore, building a perfect artificial light source is a way to create a highlight in the design. In the overall architecture, the light will highlight the distinct features of each shape, each individual, and each detail in the whole with rich interlacing.




Neutral warm colour

Colour is not only a layer of clothing that shows the beauty of the house, but it also contains some emotional nuances that affect our mood. Warm, harmonious, neutral colour will help us feel comfortable and relaxed. For example, in a beige or white room, when the mood is unstable, what you need to do is much simpler, they can be as simple as arranging a vase of fresh flowers or buying more pillows with bright colour. And the great thing about neutral colour is that they go with any style!




Natural stone

Although today, interior decoration items are increasingly diverse and rich, natural stone - a rudimentary material is still indispensable in interior architecture. Beautiful veins and deep contrast in the stone give the design a luxurious and elegant look. The beauty of natural materials like travertine and marble is undeniable. Stone is most commonly used for bathrooms and kitchens, but in 2023 we will see stone works from cabinets and worktops to stone fireplaces prominent in living rooms.



RED reigns

The Pantone Colour Institute declares the colour of the year 2023 red Viva Magenta, representing a strong comeback and a strength of faith. The prevalence of this edgy and influential red tone will accelerate globalization, allow people to connect, and deepen empathy. In interior design, the colour tone of the year is sure to influence lounge trends and colour patterns from the moment it is advertised. We can combine Viva Magenta with grey for an elegant contemporary space.



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