Unique Solutions for your Garden In House Design

     Our daily life always revolves around a repeating cycle: waking up, eating, working, taking shower and sleeping. Things just happen constantly. We - human always put ourselves in a hurry, we can't even look back at what we have been through, how the world has changed until the Covid pandemic outbreak that nobody can't foresee. Everything becomes so different which has great impacts on our lives. Facing these changes, instead of being distracted by the outside world, we just focus on the inside, ourselves, our family, our home. Since then, the desire to realize our wishing house becomes bigger and bigger day by day. Just imagine enjoying the comfort, convenience at the green space combining with natural lights, staying at home is not something stuffy and captive anymore. In this article, AVA architects would love to share some unique solutions for your garden in house design.   


     Garden in house creates a unique design for your house, becomes a part of the house interior. Designing a garden in the middle of the house in accordance with the interior will create a space that is not only unique but also harmonious which easily  touch our hearts. The combination between green colour of the tree and the bright colours of decorative materials (such as garden lights, stones, lakes) not only makes the interior space become brighter, more eye-catching but also creating comfortable feeling for people.



     Every single architectural interior space has its own value and specific roles in the whole architectural interior of the house. Not only having decorative meanings, building garden inside your house also bring a lot of health benefits your family members' health. The green element in the garden design has the ability to filter the air, reduce emissions and fine dust. According to NASA research, some plants such as snake plant, peace lilly,... can eliminate some emisions from machinery, office equipment which has great impacts on human health. In addition, placing a penjing in your house provides moisture for the air, reduces temperature in the summer and keeps warm in the winter, not only for the aesthetic but also for our health benefits.   



Placing little garden in the living room creates open space bringing the nature closer


    However, building garden in house is not that easy and simple at all. Fengshui value should be considered as priority. Plants and auxilliary elements such as paths, garden miniatures, pond, waterfall or penjing always bring good luck to the owner.

      Depend on using purposes as well as preferences of each family, there will be different garden in house designs.


Placing garden in the middle of the house, next to the stair


     Stair architecture usually leaves a quite large gap in the house interior. To deal with that problem, architects often put a closet or a bathroom at the staircase base. However, nowadays, in house garden has become a creative solution for that gap. Some popular auxiliary elements used for garden in house decoration such as pond, waterfall combining with light system radiates the elegance especially at night time. Moreover, this is also a very high feng shui design.



For houses that have small area, the garden can be just a small space next to the stairs



Garden in house design with hanging plants 


     The hanging garden is a unique trend which mostly use main indoor plants. It is created through a system of rails mounted directly on the ceiling and the trees which are hooked or attached to the hanging bars. The hanging garden system creates a very unique highlight in the whole interior architecture. However, with this type of design, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of a drip irrigation system to take a good care of plants which directly affects the house space. 



Garden in house design with a partition 


     AVA architects skilfully turn the rough wall between the rooms into green partitions to create not only a close, green space but also comfortable feelings, aesthetically pleasing and harmony for the interior design.



Garden in house design with paths


     Creating a green path right in the middle of the house is also a way to create a highlight for the space, creating the feeling of being lost in a lovely miniature garden. 




Garden in house design with skylight in the middle


    One of the most unique types of garden is the design of the garden right at the skylight, taking in all the outside light from the roof. With this design, the skylight garden looks like a small outdoor garden but is located right in the middle of your house. Trees with small shade, leafy tree are often favored for the garden. However, this type of architecture is very difficult to design and you should consider carefully because this architecture will be very difficult to change once designed. 




Garden in house design with a green wall or a wall garden


     This is a modern European-style design, combining modern technology of watering nozzles, solutions and interior plants to create a charming indoor garden complex. This type of garden is often applied to houses which have large area such as villas, cafes, garden eateries and especially office spaces. In order to design this delicate garden, the owner often spends a lot of money as well as quite high maintenance fees to apply extremely modern planting and care technologies.



     Any space needs its own design experience and the garden design too, it needs to be taken good cared, meticulously for the space. Every design must follow certain proportions and dimensions, so it is necessary to understand the principles of design. With capacity, experience and constant learning, the AVA team always desires to listen, be shared and build houses where each member of the family can experience the best living space. 


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