Le Sands Hotel on Vo Nguyen Giap St

Located on Vo Nguyen Giap St, Da Nang, Le Sands Hotel has 23 stories and 2 basements, expected to be under operation in 2019. The hotel architectural solution is the combination between the horizontal direction of the balcony and the vertical direction of concrete bars which has created an outstanding appearance for the construction. Le Sands Hotel promises to be a particular highlight architecture of Vo Nguyen Giap Street, the arterial route of Da Nang.

General Perspective Design of Le Sands Hotel

Front-view Elevation

The elegant and luxury lounge

Lounge space (v1)

Lounge space (v2)

The magnificient view looking out from the pool

The airy pool space.

Convenient and luxury bar.

Penthouse (v1)

Penthouse (v1)

Penthouse (v2)

Penthouse (v4)

Penthouse (v5)

Bathroom (v1)

Bathroom (v2)