About us

       AVA (Arch.Vu And Associates) was built in 2009 in Danang by founder Nguyen Le Huy Vu and Associates. AVA has been providing architectural and constructional services nationwide.

        AVA Architects specializes in construction types like houses, apartments, hotels, resorts, offices and so on. Through more than 10 years of operation, AVA Architects has built trust with clients in many different provinces across the country by the mind of designer who always constantly create the innovations to bring difference in term of architecture for each of customer.

      Currently, AVA Architects has more than 20 experienced Architects as well as Engineers joinly run by Nguyen Le Huy Vu and Nguyen Duc Lam. The forward goal is to take care of a little detail to create great values and constantly improve in all aspects in order to bring the most satisfaction to clients.

Vision & Mission

AVA asserts its brandname as one of the leading companies in the area of design – construction in Danang City.

Acquiring innovation, Promoting creativeness

Caring for environment, Enhancing career morality.

Core values