Go green with apartments for rent in Danang

    Bringing trees to living space is one of the most popular trends nowadays. Back to the beautiful house category, AVA architect will introduce to you the article with title "Go green with apartments for rent in Danang", let's have a look at this.


    Located on a land lot with an area of 265.9 square metres, the current 2-storey house has been seriously downgraded. Consequently, Mr. Thach, the owner, wanted to demolish the whole current house and construct a brand new 5-storey building. After discussing and working with AVA architects, aligned with his orientation which is rental investment, he decided to choose the  apartment for rent business model, one of the most popular types in Da Nang.



    Located on Nguyen Thien Ke St, Da Nang, T - Apartment follows the modern trend with natural light and airy space of green planting trees as a highlight of the construction. This is an ideal accommodation in the future for travellers who are looking for a green, peaceful space during their stay in Da Nang.
     The most impressive point of the design is that a green layer of trees covering all over the frontage space, along the corridor. The cool green colour comes from creeper brings a fresh, airy and natural atmosphere. The harmonious combination between green trees and strong architectural shapes create an outstanding and sustainable architecture.

     Due to its land shape, AVA architects tackled inclined angles by turning them into garden and parking area. Two sides of the lot are apartments for rent, in the middle is the corridor alternated with planting trees. 



      T-apartment has 5 stories with 23 apartments for rent including 15 for one-bedroom type and 8 for two-bedroom type. The one-bedroom apartment is from 32 to 35 square metres in area and 2-bedroom has an area of 42-43 square metres. Each aparment is designed with functional spaces including connected living room and dining room, bedroom, toilet and balcony. 

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1. AVA maison is in Nai Nam 8 St

2. Hatoco riverside is in Tran Thu Do St

3. Apartment is in Ung Van Khiem St

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