A light and airy apartment in Da Nang

     Bring trees to living space is one of the most popular trends. Back to the beautiful house tip, AVA architect will introduce to you the article "Apartment for rent in Da Nang with green design", please refer.

     Owning for himself an area of 265.9m2, the current 2-floors house has been seriously degraded. So, Mr. Thach, owner of this house, wants to demolish the whole existing house and build a new 5-floors house. His orientation is rental investment, after discussing and working with AVA architects, he decided to choose the business type of apartment for rent, one of the most popular types in Da Nang.


     Located at Nguyen Thien Ke St, Da Nang city, T- Apartment has modern style, light and airy house. This will be a good accommodation in the future for travelers who are looking for a green, peaceful space when coming to Da Nang.
     The impressive point in department is the trees covering the frontage space, along the corridor. It brings a fresh, airy, natural atmosphere. The harmonious combination between green trees and strong architectural shapes create sustainable architecture.


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1. AVA maison is in Nai Nam 8 St

2. Hatoco riverside is in Tran Thu Do St

3. Apartment is in Ung Van Khiem St

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